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Springwise innovation library sponsorship

Imagine a library. Inside are 18 rooms, each filled with positive-impact innovations from a different sector. Every room contains at least 1,000 innovations collected over the last 20 years, sourced from around the world…

This is the Springwise Innovation Library. And our unique sponsorship opportunity enables you to put your brand logo on one of our ‘rooms’ (AKA our sectors). Every time someone enters to search the library for innovations relating to your sector, there they’ll find you.

This opportunity enables you to speak directly to those searching for innovations in your field, positioning you as the market leader in innovation and sustainability in your sector.

Showcase your business and increase awareness through a series of opportunities across our website, which boasts over 2 million annual page views.

To find out more and to speak to the team about your business needs, download our media pack

Springwise media pack: innovation library sponsorship