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Commute to work in mobile spin class

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Boutique gym 1Rebel is launching Ride2Rebel, commuter buses that enable time-starved Londoners to spin cycle their way to work.

For residents of large cities, the daily commute to work can often be long and stressful. But 1Rebel’s latest fitness offering could provide a solution. The on-bus spinning classes will have four bus routes traveling through London.

With one bus starting on each side of the city — High Street Kensington, Stratford, Clapham Common and Angel — all routes will end at the 1Rebel gym on St. Mary Axe street. Once at the gym, riders will be able to shower and eat before heading out to the office. Spaces will be pre-bookable, with the 45-minute classes costing between GBP 12 and GBP 15. The owners of the 1Rebel gym say that making the commute to work as efficient as possible for Londoners is one of their key motivations for the scheme.

1Rebel is a no-contract, pay-as-you-train gym. Although the plans are awaiting government approval, 1Rebel is inviting people to express their interest by signing up via the gym’s website.

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