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Site matches motivation 'buddies' with shared goals

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Fitness enthusiasts already know that goals can be much easier to achieve for those with a workout buddy to help them stay motivated. With that premise in mind, Comotivate aims to help users succeed in attaining a variety of goals by pairing them with motivation ‘buddies’ who share the same objectives. Now in beta, Australian Comotivate focuses on collaboration as a route to success in achieving life goals. When users register with the social networking site, they provide information including a key objective they’re hoping to achieve—losing weight, for example, or quitting smoking. Comotivate then uses its database to match user profiles, creating team buddies who resemble each other as closely as possible. Those buddies can then create personal pages and set deadlines for achieving their goals. They can also share video, images and encouragement to track their progress and help each other along the way. Inactive users on the free site are “benched” to minimize the number of lurkers and maximize the proportion of engaged, committed people. Users can always change their goals and buddy teams, but when they achieve a set objective—success is simply self-reported—they are awarded a certificate in PDF. While it’s not yet clear what Comotivate’s business model will be, it is planning a relaunch at the end of this year, and we’d be surprised if some sort of targeted ad support isn’t involved. Comotivate also hopes to translate its site into other languages in the near future, as well as optimizing it for mobile devices. One to try out, partner with, or otherwise get involved in…? (Related: Community for tracking life experiencesA public incentive to stick to one’s goalsNagging service for dieters.) Spotted by: Edward Baral



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