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Matchmaking site for platonic friendships

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Much the way Meet Joe uses an offline approach to help users find people to hang out with on the weekend, so Companion Tree helps forge platonic friendships among like-minded consumers. Also steering far clear of the overcrowded dating space, Seattle-based Companion Tree offers a variety of simple tools to help find people with similar interests, make a connection and meet up as friends. Users begin by creating a personal profile with up to three photos and searching the member directory for others with similar interests or hobbies. They can also start or join groups dedicated to a particular hobby, location or event. Either way, once they find someone who seems like a good candidate for friendship, members can tap the site’s secure messaging capabilities to make contact. Companion Tree is currently free for life for charter members; thereafter, it will be USD 4.95 per month. Ten percent of membership fees are donated to Save the Children. Given all the competitors in the online dating world—and Facebook’s focus on reconnecting old acquaintances—it’s refreshing to see new social networking contenders focusing on the relatively wide open platonic space instead. A new twist to bring to the mass-mingling crowds in your part of the world…? (Related: Five online services for getting together offlineOnline network for tweens requires offline introductions.) Spotted by: Troy Thrall
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