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Using blockchain to tell a product's story


Provenance is a SaaS platform that enables brands to track and display their supply chain information using blockchain.

Transparency of where products come from is something many companies preach about, and they are quick to promote their CSR initiatives. But now a new network is using blockchain to help companies share information on their supply chains.

Provenance is a data platform that enables brands to introduce greater transparency by showing the history of a product. Using blockchain, companies can easily tell their products’ stories, verify their supply chain and use this data to show their brand’s transparency and authenticity.

For the GBP 7 per month starter pack, businesses can create profiles on the Provenance platform, and input information about the materials, people and processes behind their products. For the GBP 25 per month plan, companies can generate labels and unique product IDs to prove product authenticity, as well as add manufacturing stories to their e-receipts.

Provenance says: “With our technology, businesses can easily gather and verify stories, keep them connected to physical things and embed them anywhere online.”

We have already seen a platform giving businesses green supply chain recommendations, how else can startups help companies be more eco-conscious?



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