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Company uses robot instead of estate agents

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Property management company uses robots to show clients around properties

We have already seen various innovative ideas in the housing industry, such as a startup that gives customers a new way to raise money for their down payment, and the company Reali which helps homebuyers to cut out the middleman and save money. Property management company Zenplace has taken this a step further with their unique cost-cutting innovation. The company has created a robot which is capable of showing prospective buyers around properties this in turn reduces waiting time due to late clients or agents, and makes adjusting viewing times at the last minute much simpler.

The company is based in the Bay Area and is incorporating their new robot, known as ‘Zenny’ into their home-purchasing experience in order to make it cheaper and easier for all involved. The robot uses AI and machine learning to set house prices and give clients detailed information about the property. The robot stays inside the property, ready to give a tour at any given moment. Home-buyers can book a viewing appointment online, at which point they will be issued with a code. This code can then be used to gain access to the property in question, and upon entering they will be greeted by the robotic agent. The robot’s movement is controlled remotely by an agent, who can also respond to any questions that cannot be answered via a live-feed. Clients can search for information about the property using a touchscreen, in addition to being given information about how the property was priced, and details about the surroundings. The robot is also able to research other property providers in case there is a better deal elsewhere. Zenplace currently has a specific portal through which customers can book a viewing with the robot.

The robot saves Zenplace time and money, leading to an overall more efficient process. Could this unique idea mean an end for real estate agents? How else could robots and AI technology be used to sell property in an increasingly competent way?




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