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Concierge service for busy moms

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As college students now have their own PA and concierge service, along with expectant parents and the rest of us, it’s no surprise to see another niche being targeted: mothers. Launched by UK based Consider It Done, Mummy PA offers an extra pair of hands for desperate moms, as well as the occasional dad. Offering help with tasks such as buying Christmas presents, ordering flowers or organizing travel plans, Mummy PA works remotely to stay out of clients’ hair and give them as much free time as possible. Working mothers are on the team, equipping staff with insight into clients’ needs and challenges. Two pricing plans are on offer: the ‘Lifeline Subscription’, providing eight hours of service per month for GBP 295 and extra hours available for GBP 35 each. The second is the ‘Now and Again’ package, offering eight hours of service for GBP 325, which can be used as and when the customer needs it. Both plans incur a one off joining fee of GBP 125. With more and more parents unwilling or unable to give up their careers to look after their children, Mummy PA has tapped into an exciting niche. It’s currently only available in the UK, so where will the concept spring up next? And which family-focussed brands might turn it into a brand butlers initiative? Spotted by: Tamara Shand



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