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Connected bereavement keepsake gathers memories

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Fragment brings together different aspects of a person’s life through photos, memories and other media for an online social tribute and connected keepsake.

Fragment is an online funeral support service that uses connectivity and artificial intelligence to create bespoke tributes to a deceased loved one. The company’s two products are Social Tribute and Concrete and Light. Social Tribute makes it easy to gather stories, memories, photos and videos from around the world. Once an account is set up, users can invite others to contribute, and materials can be uploaded from social media accounts and a variety of devices. Once everything has been collected, the service automatically generates the tribute, which can then be viewed and shared.

Concrete and Light is a connected keepsake that the company likens to a digital urn. The Social Tribute can be viewed via the keepsake by being sent to different screens and devices. Integrated into the keepsake is an artificial intelligence algorithm that gauges a person’s feelings in relation to the different stages of grief and recommends relevant readings, tips and objectives. The keepsake is made from tactile wood and concrete – the company’s founders believe it’s important to have something tangible nearby when grieving.

Although funerals haven’t been at the forefront of technological innovation, important life ceremonies are seeing an increasing number of projects working to make the planning and organizing processes easier. An app in Russia now helps bereaved family and friends more smoothly organize a funeral, and traditional Indian ceremonies, including the services of an expert in each area, are also now bookable via app.




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