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Connected display uses robot arm to draw on walls

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The Kickstarter success story of the digital drawing robot is rewarding backers with a range of bonus offers.

Joto, the digital drawing board that had such a successful Kickstarter campaign this year – gathering over three times the Goal target – is almost ready to launch, and packers will start to get their boards early in the new year. Because of Joto’s success, the manufacturers are now able to release it in three additional colors – white, slate and blue, as well as the standard black.

Additionally, backers will also receive access to the exclusive 365 Days of Art exhibition, where a new piece of artwork is sent to their Joto device every day for a year – this is still open to illustrators who which to submit their works, just head to the exhibition page here.

Joto is an innovative digital board that hangs on the wall and draws any lined image sent to it with a marker pen. Any number of pre-designed images can be sent to it, or the user can doodle one themselves. And because it’s linked to wifi, the user can send an image to their board at home or in their office wherever they are in the world. The drawing robot is accompanied by an app and can also connect to existing apps such as Twitter, Google Calendar or Slack to draw social media updates, reminders or headlines.

Automating artwork can take many forms, though. An Italian design company uses a ‘paint by drone’ system to create large murals, and amazingly, a Californian tattoo artist has developed a way to embed words and music into a tattoo. Are you artist looking to move into a different medium? How would you do it?



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