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Stylish, smart scarves alert cyclists and filter air pollution

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The WAIR scarf for cyclists detects high levels of air pollution and alerts users via an app so they can use the scarf as a mask to filter out pollutants.

We’ve seen how garments can be engineered to detect high levels of air-borne pollutants, and sartorially-conscious Parisian cyclists are the latest to benefit.

WAIR has developed a scarf that, as well as being fashionable, alerts cyclists to moderate to high levels of pollution, whereupon they lift the scarf up and a hidden breathing mask filters out the pollutants. The scarf is fully connected to the accompanying WAIR app which will give user a real-time indication of air quality. The WAIR scarf is currently in development, with plans to release both men’s and women’s ranges.

We’ve seen smart clothing that will donate itself to charity if not worn frequently and fabric that generates energy from both sun and movement. What other features could connected clothing offer?



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