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Connected shoe notifies of falls and sends location data

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A new smart shoe can sense when a wearer has fallen and call for emergency assistance

A host of companies are developing wearable tech to make our lives safer and more efficient, with devices such as a fabric that can store security data and a wearable adhesive that can detect assault. Now, French show manufacturer E-vone has developed a smart shoe that it hopes will keep seniors safe and help them to remain active.

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults. Fear of falling keeps many seniors from leading active lives. The E-vone shoe may help to change that by providing a sense of security in knowing that help can be on its way, even when they are unable to call for it. Available in a variety of styles, the shoes contain a device in the sole which can detect falling or abnormal movement. If the wearer falls, the shoe will automatically contact the wearers’ emergency contact or the nearest emergency services.

The E-vone shoes are loaded with tech, including GSM and a LoRa antenna for communicating in 120 countries, a GPS antenna for locating the wearer, a gyroscope and accelerometer for movement sensing, and a pressure sensor that can tell when the shoe is being worn. Importantly for those who are not tech-savy, the shoes don’t need to be paired to a mobile device, because they can process all the information internally. According to E-vone, the shoes are designed not only for seniors, but also for anyone worried about being able to call for assistance, such as construction workers or hikers. The company also offers a  subscription service

E-vone aims to have the shoes available for purchase in around mid-2018, with pricing expected to be between USD 100 and 150, plus another USD 20-30 per month for the alarm service. The company also plans to integrate the technology into slippers. There is no definite launch date yet. What others devices could help seniors to lead more active lives?




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