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Smart hanger

Connected smart hanger helps you decide what to wear

Fashion & Beauty

Using your location, calendar and the weather forecast, a new connected smart hanger recommends suitable outfits for you to wear.

Here at Springwise, we have published many innovations that help users with style and fashion. This includes a smart mirror that offers makeup assistance and a voice activated smart jacket. A new clothing innovation comes from an Australian start-up called Take Off. The Take Off hanger can make smart recommendations to users by collecting information on the local weather.

The Take Off hanger displays the time, date and the temperature outside in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. A Wi-Fi connection enables the Take Off to gather reliable information about the weather. As well as temperature, the hanger also collects data on air pollution levels and allergens in the environment. As the user approaches the device, an embedded sensor detects human presence and the hanger displays its outfit suggestions. Electrically operated and made out of wood, the hanger has a Split Flap mechanism which features five frames. Each frame displays the appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories for the weather outdoors. For example, an image of an open umbrella indicates rain, a closed umbrella indicates a chance of rain, and an overturned umbrella predicts rain and wind. In addition, the hanger can access your daily schedule and take into account events such as meetings and trips.

Another feature is a smartphone application where users can access the same information displayed on the hanger. This offers quick and easy access to the hanger from any location. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the creators of Take Off hope to release the hanger by September 2018. They also aim to develop the design in the future by replacing the presence sensor with a face detecting camera.



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