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Connecting owners and renters of luxury vehicles

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Qraft is a Californian company that gives owners of yachts, RVs and airplanes a way to rent them out.

High-end vehicles such as yachts, RVs and airplanes may typically be priced beyond the means of most consumers, but we’ve seen a number of efforts to put them within closer reach via fractional ownership models and rental programs. Now adding to the options is Qraft, a Californian company that gives those lucky enough to own such items a way to rent them out while not in use. Owners of luxury vehicles begin by creating a free account on Qraft, which is now in beta, and posting details about the item they’d like to rent out, including a photo, details on where it’s based, and pricing by the day, week and month. Owners can also choose to charge a security deposit, if they wish. Renters can then search for a vehicle in their area and begin negotiating with the owner to coordinate the rental. For security, all user profiles on the site feature reviews, and users are required to verify their details by either Facebook or email. Qraft is also working on a program to provide insurance for every item rented on the site. For each rental arranged through Qraft, the company charges a 3 percent transaction fee along with a 10 percent service fee to cover insurance, marketing fees and support. Is there any end in sight to the opportunities for connecting ownership-averse transumers with sellsumers eager to monetize the assets they have? We don’t think so, either. Keep the peer-to-peer marketplaces coming! Spotted by: Jim Stewart



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