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Home energy monitor for less than $30

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We’ve looked at a variety of home energy monitors in recent years, including Google’s offering, the attractive Wattson device and a smattering of others we recently rounded up. We couldn’t resist sharing news of one more, however, primarily for its very appealing price. Belkin’s Conserve Insight helps consumers monitor their energy usage by showing the true impact of various appliances and devices both financially and on the environment. Users simply plug any appliance into the Conserve Insight. Whether it’s a TV, microwave or lamp, the Belkin device will show how much that device really costs each year in terms of watts, dollars and carbon dioxide. Whereas the customizable monitor is preloaded with the U.S. average electricity rate for use in calculations, users can enter their own rate from their electric bill; they can also set the CO2 emissions rate for their specific region. Equipped with a standard U.S. 3-pin wall outlet connector, Belkin’s Conserve Insight is now available for preorder on for USD 29.99, with shipping from the California-based company expected this summer. Who will create counterparts at comparably reduced prices (and a similarly user-friendly design) for other parts of the world…?



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