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Consumer drone lets anyone take the ultimate sports selfies

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Breaking free of the camera stand, HEXO+ is a small drone that autonomously follows and records athletes at preset distances.

The GoPro has created a generation of action videographers, and new accessories designed around consumer-level action footage are also growing because of it. In the past we’ve seen SOLOSHOT provide automatic camera panning through a robotic tripod. Breaking free of the camera stand for some true action shots, HEXO+ is a small drone that autonomously follows and records the athlete at preset distances.

The drone itself is a lightweight device capable of speeds of up to 70kmph/45mph, with stability features that ensure smooth footage. Instead of a remote control, the HEXO+ connects to owners’ smartphones. Inside the companion app, a 3D model shows the camera angle the drone will be filming at. Users can adjust to their desired angle and press the start button to activate the drone. It flies into position by tracking the location of the smartphone — this acts as the marker for the subject. After initiating recording, the user can begin their action with the drone following them wherever they go. The HEXO+ produces Hollywood-style aerial shots without any camera crew or rigs.

Watch the video below to see what the HEXO+ is capable of:

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, HEXO+ is available to buy with a GoPro mount for USD 599, or with a Giroptic 360cam instead for the same price. The campaign ends on July 15th. Are there other ways robotics can help individuals track their activity without the help of anyone else?




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