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Consumer-oriented building inspections

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Home buyers and sellers increasingly circumvent real estate agents by finding each other online. And while many buyers can do a very adequate job negotiating a good price, home inspection is a different matter and best left to professionals. So, who should they call? In Portugal, Checkhouse gives independent buyers confidence by extensively testing and checking a building’s foundation, acoustics, wiring, roof, etc. While traditional surveyors are mainly accustomed to dealing with real estate agents and builders, Springwise believes there’s a growing market for pre-sale building inspectors that focus on consumers, combing a keen eye for structural problems with a good bedside manner when it comes to telling potential buyers that their dream house is in fact a money trap. Start small, but think big: build a well-branded, nationally-known chain or network, partner with real estate sites and stay impartial by not working for construction companies. For real estate agents feeling the pinch from online listing and pricing tools, it might be time to change careers and become a home inspector. Spotted by: Miguel Muñoz Duarte



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