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'Try before you buy' service for first-time campers

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Whether it’s an iPad or an urban chicken farm, there’s no doubt consumers like to try before they buy. Why, then, should camping equipment be any different? Aiming to address that very need, UK-based Contented Camping gives first-time campers a way to rent out top-of-the-line gear before deciding to make the full investment. With prices beginning at just GBP 29 to rent a family-sized tent, Contented Camping offers a full range of newly purchased tents, airbeds, tables, chairs, storage units and stoves from top-quality manufacturers. Campers begin by selecting what size tent they need, and for how long; they then choose whatever accompanying gear they’ll need. All goods are delivered direct in reusable boxes. Once the camping adventure has been had, Contented Camping has a “Ready to Buy” option that directs consumers to its partner, Outdoor Megastore. Those less inclined to rough it next time, meanwhile, can avail themselves of Contented Camping’s motorhome rental options. Though Contended Camping serves just the UK with its camping equipment rentals, the concept is one that could do well anywhere people enjoy getting back to nature—that is, pretty much anywhere. (Related: Farm camping in cottage-style tents.) Spotted by: Steve Cosby



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