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Context-aware interface will automatically launch the right app at the right time

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Snips uses big data and AI to learn users' smartphone habits and automate their interactions with their devices.

Most people interact with their smartphones in recurrent routines — consistently launching their weather app first thing in the morning, or always booking an Uber after checking Citymapper late at night. Snips is an intelligent interface for smartphones which will learn these regular behaviors and perform them automatically, enabling the user to access the information and services they need without having to search for them.


Snips employs big data and AI to monitor and analyze the smartphone habits of users — learning their patterns and enabling faster, more ubiquitous access to services. Their aim is to make the technology work for consumers without the need for conscious interaction: to make technology more context-aware and therefore much less visible. We have seen other platforms — such as IFTTT — which enable customers to automate online tasks via creative ‘recipes’, but Snips takes this to the next level by automating the whole process.

Snips is currently in Beta and is welcoming participants. How else could Snips’ AI be used to improve consumer’s experiences?



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