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Designer lets users create their own dresses from scratch

Fashion & Beauty

Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article on Typeface, the personalized font creator designed by Mary Huang. Now we’ve discovered Huang’s latest efforts have lead her away from typography and into the world of fashion, though still with an emphasis on personalization. Continuum is her new fashion label of “computational couture”, based entirely on user-generated design. Visitors to the Continuum website are presented with a sketch of an unclothed woman in need of a dress. The visitor can then “draw” a dress of their own design onto the sketched woman, and watch as a three dimensional version of their creation appears alongside her. When the user is happy with the dress, they can place an order to have the dress made and delivered once Continuum is fully functional. Alternatively, users can choose to download the cutting patterns, which are automatically generated by the Continuum software, and try to make the dresses themselves. The design software builds the dresses — dubbed “D-Dresses” — out of triangular planes, making it possible to explode the initial drawings into three-dimensional dresses, and, Huang hopes, lending even the most amateur artist’s creations an avant-garde aesthetic. Currently the dress designs are only available in black. However, before Huang can refine the design software and set up to go into full production, she is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, hoping to reach USD 15,000. In exchange for funding, backers can receive a host of rewards, including their own Continuum dress. As customization and personalization continue to grow in popularity amongst consumers, how could you let your audience make their mark on your product or service? (Related: Organic cotton fabrics designed for crafting and quiltingFive (more) businesses selling personalized products.) Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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