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Convertible bicycle serves multiple needs

Mobility & Transport

With gas prices a topic of urgent concern, it’s no wonder bicycle-related innovations are coming fast and furious. One of the latest we’ve spotted is the Zigo Leader, a bicycle that’s easily convertible into several different forms. Much like the Danish trioBike, which we covered a while back, the Zigo Leader can be easily converted into any of four different modes: stand-alone bicycle; bicycle with front-attached kid trailer; jogging stroller; and traditional stroller. Converting from one mode to another is simply a matter of swivelling casters and attaching or detaching the “child pod” trailer, and can be done in 30 seconds or less, Zigo says. The vehicle also folds easily for storage. Priced at USD 1,349, the Zigo Leader will be available in August direct from the New Jersey-based company or through a network of dealers including bicycle shops and baby stores. It comes 98 percent assembled; shipping is available anywhere in North America, the EU and Australia. Accessories including a rain cover/bug screen and restraint harness can also be purchased. Will modular, pedal-powered vehicles become the new cars? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep those bicycle innovations coming! (Related: Cargo bikes for greener business deliveries.) Spotted by: Matthew Cua and John Boufford



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