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Twitter-powered truck sells ice-cream sandwiches

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There’s a new truck roaming the streets of LA—just in time for summer—and it’s being followed by legions of devotees who track its whereabouts via Twitter. It’s not Korean barbecue tacos on the menu this time, however—rather, it’s gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Much in the manner of Kogi Korean BBQ, which we covered earlier this year, Coolhaus sells handmade ice cream sandwiches from a pink and chrome converted postal jeep. Featuring local and organic ingredients whenever possible, Coolhaus sandwiches are 2-by-2-inch confections, about 1 inch deep, assembled to order using two cookies and a scoop of ice cream. Five architecture-inspired, “prefab” flavours are currently available from Coolhaus’s two-woman team (for example: the Frank Behry, made from sugar cookies and strawberry ice cream; the Mies Vanilla Rohe features chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream), but customization is also possible, they say. The sandwiches are also available with an edible, rice-paper wrapping that can feature a brand, name or logo in edible ink. Pricing is about USD 3 per sandwich, or USD 3.50 with the edible wrapper, according to LAist. In addition to broadcasting information about its whereabouts via Twitter (@coolhaus), Coolhaus actually partners with Kogi in Venice on Saturdays, LAist reported; coming soon from its truck are edible spoons and popsicles shaped like famous buildings. Have we ever mentioned that everything can be upgraded? Well here it is again! Both Kogi and Coolhaus are perfect examples. Then of course there’s the fact that recessions tend to make people value little luxuries more. What’s next? How about mobile restaurant rows, like the one at Dwell on Design ’09 two days ago, which included the new Sprinklesmobile alongside Coolhaus, Kogi and others. (Related: More high-end dessert trucksSprinkles Cupcakes: Betty Crocker, upgraded.) Spotted by: LAist via Judy McRae



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