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Crayon labels teach kids chemistry elements

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Chemistry Crayon labels use color to help the users learn chemical elements.

Children learn in a variety of different ways and we have already seen a number of projects applying unusual learning methods to unconventional subject matter. For example, a paint set that teaches kids about color theory by removing the names of the colors, while another project enables children to improve their handwriting by letting them play the role of the teacher. Now, art supply designers Que Interesante have created a set of Chemistry Crayon labels, which use color to help budding artists learn the periodic table.


The creators used a flame test to determine which color went with which element. For example, when Barium is burned it creates a green flame, so it is matched with a green crayon. Each wax crayon color has a designated label with the element name on it, as well as the name of the color. Chemical Crayon labels are available from Que Interesante’s Etsy store and come in packs of 24, 96 or 120,

Scientific elements are notoriously difficult to remember; the hope is that by making the words familiar and creating an association for the child, they will learn the names more easily. Could color be used to help children learn any other difficult subjects?


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