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DO Black card

Credit card tracks carbon emissions of each purchase

Financial Services

A new credit card comes with a carbon-emission spending limit and is made out of sustainable materials

Spotted: Swedish startup Doconomy has launched a credit card that tracks the carbon emissions of each purchase and allows users to offset these with donations. The card comes with an app that uses a system called the Aland Index to measure the carbon dioxide emission of every credit card purchase.

The DO Black card also allows users to compensate for their environmental impact by donating to United Nations-certified green projects, such as wind farms and hydropower projects. Users can earn refunds, called DO Credits, from participating retailers for choosing purchases that have a low impact on the climate. Doconomy also partners with selected sustainable investment funds to offer users the opportunity to invest in funds that have a positive impact on the environment.

The card itself is made of bio-sourced materials and is printed with ink made from recycled carbon particles. Meanwhile, the company’s female CEO is committed to maintaining 50/50 gender equality on its board of directors.



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