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Crib that mimics a car to help babies sleep

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In Spain, Ford have developed a new crib reproduces the movements and sounds of a car to promote their Max vehicle.

For tired parents, getting a baby to sleep can be a herculean challenge. We have seen a number of innovations that support mums and dads in this department. Amongst them, a smart crib designed by Yves Behar and a portable device that attaches to a crib to provide a rocking motion. Now, Ford Max Dreams is a crib designed to replicate the sounds and movements of a car.

Max Motor Dreams is a project promoting the Max vehicle range for Ford in Spain by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. The baby crib reproduces the movements, lights and sounds of a parent’s car. Parents are able to use an app to collect data from different routes as they drive, to be replicated later for the sake of their sleeping children at home. The campaign invites users to “Imagine that your baby’s crib, controlled by an app, was able to reproduce the most calming routes to your baby. The route of going to the village to see the grandparents, the tour of when we go to see the cousins, wander through the center…”

Babies notoriously often sleep better in the car than at home. The motion of driving and the vibration of the engine seem to provide the optimum soporific conditions. As digital technology expands, what other family-oriented products could be improved by the Internet of Things?




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