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In the crowd-funded arena, one name keeps popping up: Mark Bowness. Tribewanted, the experimental island community he founded, is now the focus of a BBC documentary series. Two other ventures—VIPbandmanager and the Liverpool Culture Cafe—haven’t taken off as quickly, but Mark has high hopes for his latest project: Have You Got The Nerve TV. Have You Got The Nerve aims to be a new type of TV production company: one that’s created, lead and inspired by a group of 3,000 executive producers. Fusing the collaborative power of the internet and the enduring mass appeal of television, Nerve will take on three genres: documentary, drama and entertainment. Content will be made both for TV and online viewing. To sign up as an executive producer, anyone can pledge to pay a one-off fee of GBP 60 as soon as 2,999 others have agreed to do the same. Once the 3,000 execs have joined, Nerve will be open to more people, who will pay a small monthly fee have access to the the platform. These members will also have input into programming, but only the executive producers will share in Nerve’s profits. Revenue sources will be the traditional 10% cut of production value that TV production companies get, plus earnings from book deals, online social networks, games, mobile content, etc. Will the crowds be able to create content that’s more engaging than traditional producers? And will Nerve be able to reach a wider audience than user-generated Current TV? We’ll be watching 😉



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