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Crowd-managing a band

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Giving music lovers the opportunity to play an active role in the music industry, VIPbandmanager is recruiting 50,000 band managers to propel a band to stardom. For a GBP 20 lifetime fee, which is collected after 50,000 people have signed up, managers get to vote on everything from picking the band’s name to choosing a drummer. After the band has been formed, members will continue to make all the behind-the-scenes decisions and plans that artist managers and record labels make: choosing producers, helping pick tracks, deciding on the band’s image and promotion, organizing a UK tour and, of course, reaching the top of the charts. The latter will be aided by the viral marketing clout of 50,000 fervent fans. What’s in it for the managers? Although being one in 50,000 doesn’t exactly equate to being a VIP, perks include entrance to exclusive parties, goody bags and backstage access. And, of course, the chance to influence a real band’s future for less than the price of a video game. VIPbandmanager, which was launched today, is the brainchild of Mark James Bowness who also founded Tribewanted, the online/offline community that established a tribe on a Fijian island. The project’s manager is Sam Bush, a participant of reality TV show Shipwrecked, whose father is active in the British music scene. Part American Idol, with an online democracy replacing autocratic judges, VIPbandmanager also combines elements of two crowd-sourced concepts we’ve featured in the past: Sellaband — groups of fans funding bands — and MyFootballClub, the online community that’s gathering 50,000 football fans to buy an English football team. Considering MyFootballClub signed up 45,247 members over the past nine weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see VIPbandmanager shoot to stardom, too. One to launch nationally? Or get creative and find your own band, team, product or brand to fund and manage with a crowd of dedicated co-creators.



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