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New record label hands decision-making over to fans


We’ve probably been all been frustrated at some point with the decisions bands might make in their careers, be it a poor choice of album cover art, or even a tour schedule that excludes your home town. Crowdbands aims to put that right, offering users the chance to become record label executives from their homes. Established by Tom Sarig and Peter Sorgenfrei, the Crowdbands label has already signed LA-based band The Donnas. By signing up as a Crowdband member for USD 25 a year, users are entitled to vote on major decisions in The Donnas’ career, from which songs are included on their albums, which artists they should collaborate with, where and where they tour, and even ideas for album cover art. In exchange, not only do members get to see their decisions implemented, they also receive the band’s releases before the general public, as well as special offers and deals on artist’s merchandise and concert tickets. It takes a lot of trust to put your career in the hands of your audience, we’ll be watching this one with interest! (Related: Online tool gives musicians one-stop band managementBands offered a unique website for every song)



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