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Crowdsourced app for jellyfish warnings

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JellyOh gathers geolocation data on jellyfish sightings and notifies users in nearby beaches.

We’ve seen geotagged sharks sending tweets when they approach popular beaches in Australia, and now Israel-based JellyOh is aiming to provide a similar warning system for jellyfish.

Because jellyfish appear in such large numbers and cannot be physically tagged, JellyOh uses a crowdsourced app with geolocation data, so that users can tag where they’ve sighted a jellyfish. Anyone else using the app will then be notified that jellyfish are present in their vicinity.

JellyOh uses a similar approach to apps that crowdsource researchable data, like the mosquito-tracking app we wrote about previously. What other useful geolocation information can be crowdsourced?



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