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Crowdsourced interview questions for job seekers

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Boldvue crowdsources company-specific interview questions and techniques through a P2P sharing platform.

We’ve seen disruptive platforms that facilitate the sharing of business tips, helping users progress in competitive workplaces. Also providing a library of business information, Boldvue is a database of crowdsourced job interview questions.


Users who have undertaken successful interviews can upload information of the questions asked by that particular company, and provide videos with their answers and tips, enabling applicants to search for their prospective employer and gain insight on how to succeed. After practicing, users can then upload recordings for peer and expert feedback. Boldvue’s platform will also function as a recruitment site — users can upload a portfolio of answers that companies can to search through. Currently in beta, users can join Boldvue’s waitlist.

By crowdsourcing real-world interview experiences, Boldvue’s platform provides more useful information than generic interview tips. We have seen a similar platform that links students of desirable colleges with prospective applicants. What other industrial experiences could be crowdsourced for P2P sharing?



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