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Creative network | Photo source Pixabay

Crowdsourcing platform helps clients find graphic designers


Crowdsourcing platform for the graphic design world designers are chosen from its community to work on specific projects.

Looking for the right person to help you do a job within a saturated market can be difficult, be it a plumber, a retail assistant or an office worker. France-based Creads has placed itself as the bridge between the client and the completed task by created a crowdsourcing platform that works with a community of 50,000 graphic designers.

Potential clients requiring a creative eye can choose their creative need, be it a logo, web design, or business cards, and then select a package. These range from the solo pack, where Creads puts a single creative of its community to the client’s disposal, to the elite pack, when the company picks 3 to 5 of its best creatives for a closed competition. The client then receives a list of creative leads, vote for the best version of what they have requested, and then select it as a winner.

Such methods of finding the correct person in need are popular, with a recruitment process that profiles personalities to fit in with the existing team, and a job site that helps women develop an atypical career both proving popular this year. How could such resources help your operations efficiency?




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