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Crowdsourcing to tackle traffic crimes in Lebanon

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Aiming to tackle traffic crimes, Cheyef 7alak in Lebanon is utilizing crowdsourcing to publicize wrongdoers.

Earlier this year we saw mobile app Hollaback focusing attention on the perpetrators of street harassment, allowing victims to post photos and share stories online. Now, aiming to tackle the problem of irresponsible social behavior, starting with traffic crimes, Cheyef 7alak in Lebanon is also utilizing the crowdsourcing approach to publicize wrongdoers. Cheyef 7alak — Arabic for “Do you see yourself” — was created by marketing and communications agency Impact BBDO as a CSR campaign endorsed by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, to raise awareness and influence behavior for social change. Citizens are encouraged to take videos and photos of dangerous drivers and pedestrians breaking traffic rules and regulations, using their camera phones or other means. Evidence is then shared on the Cheyef 7alak website or Facebook page, and some content will even be posted on the LBC news. The purpose is to “track, capture and report” individuals who violate driving laws, and puts the power in the hands of the people to do so. Next on the agenda for Cheyef 7alak is corruption, encouraging Lebanese citizens to take a stand against dishonest conduct. Crowdsourcing campaigns of this kind have potential to bring about social change for any issue, in any country. Could this be the solution to a problem in your area? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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