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Crowdsourcing a make-it-yourself restaurant

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A new restaurant project has joined the crowdsourcing fray: Arne Hendriks is asking fellow members of Instructables to participate in creating a restaurant in Amsterdam. In his words: “I will open an open-source restaurant that is completely made of, and only serves food based on the original instructables all the members on have made or will make. I mean, every chair, dishwasher, menu card, light etc and all the food, will together be the restaurant. And I would like to ask you guys for your brilliant, funny, original ideas concerning all aspects restauranty. Inside the restaurant everything will be presented with the original instruction and accreditation to the maker.” Suggestions from Instructables members have started to pour in, from using graph paper table clothes to adding a “making space,” as well as thoughts on names for the restaurant and what the wait staff should wear. This isn’t the first restaurant project Hendriks has developed; he also created the Night Garden, a temporary restaurant and “sub-technical indoor garden” that served over 30 types of sprouted micro-greens. While there are similarities with another crowdsourced restaurant we recently featured, Hendriks’ project is cleverly tapping into the creative talents of an existing community, and has a very strong focus on MIY (make-it-yourself). As he points out: “In some restaurants you can buy the stuff you see, in this restaurant you’ll go home knowing how to re-create what you just enjoyed, be it the food or the chair you sat on.” Nice! Spotted by: Franziska Luh


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