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Group buying for new parents


Regular Springwise readers are already familiar with the benefits consumers can enjoy when they team up and buy as a crowd. Now, a site focusing on new and expecting parents provides a way to bring those advantages to buyers of baby and children’s goods. CrowdSprout lets groups of consumers interested in purchasing the same item band together to get a better price. Consumers begin by bidding on an item, thereby placing themselves in a buying group and committing to making the purchase if enough other buyers join. Product categories on the site include car seats, carriers, diaper bags, furniture, high chairs and strollers; for each product included, the merchant lists a reduced price, the minimum number of buyers needed and a deadline. Consumers then spread the word about their planned purchase, with the goal of increasing that group’s size. Once enough buyers have joined the group, they then make their (reduced) payment through CrowdSprout and receive the item they wanted. If, on the other hand, the minimum number of buyers is not achieved in time, no one pays and the group disbands. Whether it’s to buy a stroller or a soccer team, crowd clout is making vendors sit up and listen. Those who don’t may just find themselves getting crowded out… ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Related: Shoppers team up for better deals โ€” Furniture shopping with the crowds โ€” Crowd clout meets eco persuasion.) Spotted by: @sweetbeets



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