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Digital currency teaches kids about charity

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Created by UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation, Unicoin is a cryptocurrency which will engage kids and promote access to early education.

More than 200 million children around the world are deprived of access to education before they even reach the age of five. Now, Unicoin is a charitable crytocurrency, which will enable children in more privileged parts of the world to help ensure every child gets the chance to reach their full learning potential.


Children can earn a Unicoin by submitting a drawing and small piece of writing about their future dreams to the project, launched as part of a collaboration between UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation. Their sketch will be rewarded with one Unicoin, which will be spent on supplies for Early Childhood Development programs in underdeveloped communities. The project is part of the Global Program for Education, which H&M will donate USD 9.3 million to over the next three years. It is also informing kids in privileged parts of the world the importance of charity and education. UNICEF plan to distribute 20,000 learning packs with notebooks and pencils, each one earned by the creation of a Unicoin.

We have seen the Bitcoin model used for good before in the form of SolarCoin — a digital currency option that is backed by the production of solar energy, but Unicoin is the first to actively engage children in the project, enabling them to use their creativity to help their peers. Are there other age groups that can benefit from digital currency?



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