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Cup automatically knows what's inside and tracks drinking habits

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Vessyl is a drinking receptacle with an electronic display that can detect what's inside and track users' consumption in real time.

We recently saw coffee cups with e-ink displays that could provide new and engaging marketing opportunities for cafes and restaurants. Now Vessyl is another drinking receptacle with an electronic display that can detect what’s inside and track users’ consumption in real time.

The 13oz tumblr features sensors that can identify the liquid it’s holding — whether it’s water, coffee or orange juice, and even down to the particular brand in some cases. When the vessel is filled up, its contents are displayed on the side, along with calorie information that helps drinkers watch their weight. As well as the instant identification, Vessyl can be connected to owners’ smartphones to track consumption in real time and create a history of users’ intake across a variety of metrics. Users can check if they’re consuming too many calories, getting enough hydration, or keep tabs on their caffeine intake. Each Vessyl comes with a ‘saucer’ — a circular platform that uses wireless charging to keep the device powered.

Watch the video below to learn more about the product:

Vessyl can be pre-ordered now for USD 99. Are there other ways sensors and small screens can turn everyday objects into devices for tracking how they’re used?



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