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Curated care packages for friends in need

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Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack both enable thoughtful users to order care packages that help friends de-stress and unwind.

In the modern age, it is incredibly easy to instantaneously send a friend in need an email, text or funny gif to cheer them up. But nothing quite compares to a real care package, received through the post. Pick Me Up Parcels and Positivity Pack are two startups offering just that. Both companies enable thoughtful friends to order carefully curated parcels of items online, and send them to a friend or family member in need.


Positivity Pack kits start from EUR 6 and include bubble wrap, a de-stress guide, confetti and stickers. The more expensive offerings also include a notebook and pencil, a music playlist and calming tea bags. Users can either send their package anonymously or include their name and a custom message. Pick Me Up Parcels, based in Australia, similarly enables users to order a gift box online and send it by post to a friend or themselves. The parcel includes rice paper and origami instructions, color-in Japanese postcard, a lavender eye mask and some molding foam — all items aimed at helping the recipient unwind and be mindful. The Pick Me Up Parcels starter pack costs AUD 20.

We have previously seen a care package subscription service for parents to send to their kids in college. Are there any other gift packages that would be suitable for different recipients?



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