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Custom SMS notifications help users decide if they should bother checking their phone

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Mumble is an Android app that uses custom alerts to give more information about the type of text message users have received before they look at their device.

Caller ID has made it easier for both businesses and consumers to make a decision before they pick up the phone since its implementation in the telecoms world, and we’ve even seen apps such as SayWhat provide subject lines for incoming calls. With today’s smartphones, the urge to check every notification is now one of the biggest timekillers, and new Android app called Mumble uses custom alerts to give more information about the type of text message they’ve received before they look at their device.

Developed by Jordan Elvidge, the app uses smart algorithms to detect the type of message that’s been received, and offers varying vibration alerts to give users a better idea of its content. For example, to help recipients ignore one-word answers — such as the ubiquitous ‘k’ — messages that only contain typo corrections, or communication in pure emoji, the app only vibrates for a short burst. Vibrations get longer as the message gets longer, or begins to use more capital letters and exclamation marks indicating an important or exciting message. The app can even scan the message for positive or negative keywords and play a custom alert so that if users are having a bad day they can avoid reading less happy texts. Tailored alerts can also be set up indicate questions, rude messages, spam or emergency situations before they choose to open them.

Mumble costs USD 0.80 to download from Google Play, and is compatible with SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and a slew of other messaging apps. Are there other ways that message content can be automatically scanned and filtered before interrupting smartphone users during their work or leisure time?



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