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Customizable sleeping bag works for any adventure

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The Kammok Thylacine is a sleeping bag that can be adapted for multiple seasons and situations.

Having the need to survive outdoors naturally breeds innovative solutions, which is why in the past we’ve seen a number of inventive camping products from the unique Windcatcher airmat — which inflates with a few breaths — to the Earl tablet designed for the wild. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Kammok Thylacine is a sleeping bag that can be adapted for multiple seasons and situations.

When selecting the perfect sleeping bag for their adventures, campers, hikers and mountain climbers usually need to make sacrifices depending on their need. The colder the climate they’re visiting, the thicker bag they will need — however, this adds to their total kit weight, a major decision factor for those traveling long distances with everything on their back. According to Kammok, outdoors types would need to own four different sleeping bags to be prepared for every eventuality. The Thylacine uses Kammok’s Variable Warmth Technology to give owners the option to customize their sleeping bag. Each bag features a system of insulating baffles, which can be stuffed with synthetic, down or hybrid filling depending on the user’s needs. The filling can then be locked into place to prevent cold spots. In order to maximize both comfort and warmth, the sleeping bag can also be fitted to their own body shape using toggles located on the outside. The video below explains more about the product:

Available in a range of five different colors, backers can get their hands on a Thylacine bag from USD 200 until 4 February. Are there other ways to make braving the outdoors a more comfortable experience through innovative thinking such as this?




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