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Customized advice and tuition for new cyclists

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Pedal Portland prepare new cyclists to bike with confidence, with customized one-to-one consultations.

Another week, another pedal-powered idea! This time from Oregon in the US, with Pedal Portland, a company that offers personal consultations to new cyclists, to get them equipped, confident and ready for the road. Pedal Portland are passionate about cycling, not least for its green, health and financial benefits. They offer two main packages; one for those who already have a bike and another for those yet to buy one. For customers who don’t have a bike, they advise which brand and model would be most suitable for their needs, as well as recommend nearby bike retailers to support local businesses. Next they equip the rider and the bike with the necessary accessories to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. If a customer already owns a bike, they will provide recommendations to make it more safe and comfortable. With both packages the focus is on teaching the owner to maintain the bike themselves. They promise to explain each item and how it works using non-technical language, to “take the guess-work out of riding bikes”. Once the bike is ready, they schedule a custom ride, which can either be dictated by the customer — for example, the route to and from the office — or suggested by Pedal Portland. A package for an individual with a bike costs USD 90 and without a bike, USD 150. There are also packages available for couples and families, and each option comes with a free U-Lock, maps of the area and the Oregon Bicyclist Manual. The video below explains Pedal Portland in more detail: The popularity of the bicycle doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but cycling through busy streets and maintaining a bicycle can be intimidating for novices. Would new cyclists in your area welcome a similar bespoke service? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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