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Customized daily vitamin packs

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Sometimes it’s all about the (re)packaging. Miami-based Vuru sells nutritional supplements in personalized daily packs. Customers choose from over 2,000 name brand supplements and vitamins, select how many weeks worth they want to purchase and then have their personalized packs shipped to them. Vuru sticks each daily dose into a slick little pack that fits 2-15 pills. (For power users, larger packs are in the works.) Which means customers are spared the hassle of shaking pills from several bulky bottles, or organizing daily dosages into pill boxes or plastic bags. Vuru packs can be tossed into a handbag or pocket, and are perfect for travel. Besides creating their own unique blends, customers can pick one of Vuru’s pre-selected mixes, varying from ‘Woman’s Yoga Pack’ to ‘The UrbanDaddy Pack’. To make sense of it all, each order comes with an information sheet, which has a picture of each pill, the supplement facts label, directions, warnings and any other information pertinent to that supplement or vitamin. Several elements make this concept quite appealing. First of all, customers will love the ability to pick and mix their own, ultra-personalized blend from a wide variety of supplements. Secondly, there’s the convenience angle: time-saving and life-hacking, Vuru is what our sister-site would call a daily lubricant. One of those products that make people’s lives just a little bit easier. Last but not least, the packaging is simple, shiny and chic. Which all combines to create a luxury ‘health hack’ that many consumers are willing to pay a premium for. The same concept could no doubt be applied to other industries. How about skin care products? Just be sure to think green and keep packaging to a minimum. Meanwhile, if you’re in the health care business, note that Vuru operates an affiliate program that lets nutritionists, doctors and other health care professionals create supplement programs for clients and patients, netting them 10% commission for every dollar a client spends. Whether or not that presents ethical dilemmas is a discussion we’ll leave to other blogs 😉 Spotted by: Thei Zervaki



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