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Voice transcription service for iPhone users


Back in 2007 we covered Jott, a voice-to-text dictation service available from any cell phone. Since then, Jott has expanded their service offerings to include Jott Voicemail, which allows users to receive their voicemail as email and text messages; Jott for Salesforce, which allows business managers to call and update their salesforce from the road; and a voice-to-text conversion iPhone app. However, Jott isn’t alone in this field. UK-based transcription company dictate2us last month launched their d2u Transcriber app, a fully integrated digital transcription system for iPhones and iPod touch. The d2u app allows its users to dictate notes directly into their device and upload the audio to d2u’s team of typists, who then transcribe it. Transcriptions are returned by email as Microsoft Word documents, normally within the hour for files less than five minutes long. The app is free to download from Apple iTunes stores. Users are charged GBP 1.50 per recorded minute for the transcription from audio to text. These apps are shining examples of the opportunities that the iPhone provides as a mobile computing device, and also of the possibilities for adding revenue-driving services to mobile applications. As consumers live increasingly mobile lifestyles, what on-the-go productivity services will we see next?



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