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Daily one-minute audio newsclips for young listeners

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Clippet creates one-minute long, daily news clips for millenials to listen to on the go on their smartphones.

The huge benefit of audio products such as Audvisor and Story Running is that they can be enjoyed by consumers on the go, hands free. The hope is that by making content accessible and “multi-taskable” in this way, it encourages listeners to consume information that they might otherwise have been intimidated by or not found time for. Clippet works on exactly this premise — creating one minute long daily news clips for millenials who are accustomed to accessing information on their smartphones.


Clippet is a start-up run for young people by young people — the founders are in their twenties and all the news is read by young voices. To begin, users simply download the free app to their smartphone. They can then choose from daily 60-second long clips, each themed around current affairs, world news, sports, politics and arts. Created as an alternative to traditional radio programs which often insert the news into the midst of a larger program, and printed news which is obviously difficult to read while walking, Clippet hopes to engage an audience that has become accustomed to short-form media.

Clippet’s content can be downloaded in advance so it doesn’t eat into the listener’s data allowance and clips can easily be shared on social networks. Are there other ways of adapting the form news takes to engage different audiences?



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