Innovation That Matters

Curated marketplace shares one product story each day


Product life stories can be used to demonstrate sustainability—as in the case of Made-By, which we just recently covered—but they also simply make new products more interesting. Such authenticity-boosting status stories are at the heart of the Daily Grommet, a curated marketplace that highlights one such tale every day. Currently in beta, Massachusetts-based Daily Grommet releases a profile of one new product each day at noon Eastern US time. Products chosen for inclusion on the site range from household products to kids’ items to simple indulgences; most are from small, independent producers and are selected for their combination of craft, utility, invention and style. Many products are submitted by visitors to the site; others are discovered through team members’ own research. On Tuesday of this week, for example, the product profiled was “Arghand hand-crafted soap pebbles from Afghanistan,” complete with video, social and environmental context, and specific product details. Subscribers to the Daily Grommet can comment online about a particular day’s profile as well as buying products online; widgets are also available for publishers, with revenue opportunities through shared sales or click-throughs. Combining thoughtful curation, status stories and a pinch of planned scarcity, the Daily Grommet is attempting to go a step beyond Etsy and other online marketplaces with its up-close focus on product origins. Artists, craftsmen and manufacturers around the globe are no doubt lining up for consideration even as we speak; for all others, one to emulate with a niche or regional approach…? (Related: Upscale vending machine sells curated luxury goodsTop 3 choices for shoppersRanking RanqueenA deal a day.)



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