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SIN Rendering

Danish bicycle brand unveils its first electric urban car


A Danish bicycle maker has developed their first electric car with four engines and an open design.

At Springwise, we have seen a wide number of electric vehicles coming on the market. These have included an electric bus that can recharge wirelessly and an electric taxi that uses singing for payment. Now it is the turn of Biomega, the Danish company known for its stylish, electric city bicycle. The company has announced the creation of its first electric car. Named SIN, the car is envisioned as an affordable and sustainable option for urban transport. The car is named after Singapore, a city which inspired elements of the design.

Biomega categorises the car as a ‘crossover utility vehicle’. It resembles a skateboard, and the design includes four engines, four doors and four independent seats with generous legroom. A novel, open-wheel design creates a flat floor and allows easy maneuvering in tight urban spaces. The large front window maximises road visibility and helps to create a bright and light cabin space.

The interior is stripped back to provide space, and the car uses minimal components and lightweight materials. The SIN uses state-of-the-art lightweight composites, including the world’s-first use of modular carbon fibre in high volume automotive production. The low weight also improves range and reduces battery consumption. Each wheel has its own in-hub motor, which keeps the cabin clear and the number of moving parts to a minimum. In addition, to eliminate the range anxiety often associated with EVs, SIN uses a modular battery-swapping system, allowing the battery to be replaced on the move. The SIN will be released between 2021 and 2023, and will cost around EUR 20,000.




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