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Video app offers a humorous approach to learning French


We’ve looked at numerous options for learning a new language, including Berlitz’s Twitter-based vocabulary tool. Recently, however, we happened upon Daphnée, a slick video app from French film production firm Swisskiss that teaches French in a light and practical way as it guides viewers through the city of Paris. Six thematic chapters are available for the Daphnée app, which is currently available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Basics and greetings are the focus of one, for example, followed by introductions to culture, shopping, cafés and restaurants, nightlife and even seduction. Actress Anne-Sophie Franck of the film Inglourious Basterds stars as Daphnée in the series, which takes a distinctly modern and sometimes humorous approach to daily Parisian life. Included in each interactive chapter are an hour of video content plus karaoke-style subtitles, an extended glossary and a quiz; users can also ask Daphnée any question regarding their training and receive an answer within 24 hours. One lesson of the user’s choice is bundled with the free Daphnée app; others are priced at EUR 0.79 per chapter, or EUR 2.39 for the complete set. Daphnée is coming soon for Samsung BADA and Android, Swisskiss says. A trailer on YouTube demonstrates the app in action. Mobile technology has already transformed daily life; it’s about time education followed in earnest. An approach to bring to other languages and topics! (Related: Free English lessons at Spanish restaurant chainFree Chinese lessons for Ireland.) Spotted by: Nancy



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