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Data-driven healthcare app can predict an oncoming migraine

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Migraine Buddy is a healthcare app that can predict an oncoming migraine, using data from the patient and their surroundings.

The onset of a migraine can often seem entirely arbitrary, but in fact there are numerous internal and external factors that can cause these debilitating headaches. Migraine Buddy, a data-driven healthcare app from Healint can now predict an oncoming migraine — with 90 percent accuracy — by monitoring the patient and their surroundings, using an algorithm to detect problematic conditions.

The app works by analyzing the user’s daily patterns. Anytime they experience symptoms they record them in the app’s migraine diary, specifying where the pain started and the severity of the symptoms, choosing from a selection of potential causes. The app simultaneously monitors external elements such as weather conditions, and automatically tracks the patients’ sleep and movement patterns. Users are encourages to make a note of what medication they take and how effective it is, to help them choose the best treatment in the future. The app then processes all the data in order to predict oncoming attacks, and to enable patients to communicate their situation easily with their doctor at a later date.

Migraine Buddy, which launched last year, is now available on iOS for USD 2.99. Could a similar system be used by patients of other recurring health problems, such as period pains?



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