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Crowdsourcing platform | Photo source Pixabay

Data scientists compete to solve client problems using machine learning

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Highly skilled data scientist professionals utilise crowdsourcing platform to help clients make sense of data and complete projects.

We all know sifting through copious amounts of data is a laborious but essential task, although many aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for or what it all means. Kaggle, an online platform for data science competitions, helps clients solve difficult problems, recruit strong teams, and amplify the power of their data science talent. Its community is made up of over 600,000 data scientists, who are ranked on real-time leader boards according to the problem-solving abilities.

For business-related problems, Kaggle uses supervised machine learning competitions to learn about the most accurate algorithms possible from a set of data, making it possible to advise a client on how best to make their next strategic decision. In the field of recruitment, the platform can help companies by creating competitions for candidates to complete, customising the questions to the needs of the business they are interviewing for. Kaggle also works on research projects, which present new, unique machine learning datasets and use-cases to the community. Kaggle will partner with organisations to host up to five pro-bono research competitions a year, and they are asked to submit a brief proposal for consideration.

The use of AI bots as part of the recruitment process has been covered by Springwise in recent months, while the importance and significance of algorithms has been manipulated by Instagram recently. Both of these factors, which are utilised by Kaggle, show the way in which technological advances are influencing the way businesses operate. How could you step up your company’s digital approach with such innovations?



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