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Dating service for busy people helps them find low-maintenance relationships

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Just in time for Valentine's day, the UK's is connecting potential partners who don't necessarily have the time to commit to an everyday relationship.

When it comes to online dating, sites can become controversial if they facilitate relationships that don’t strike a healthy or socially-accepted balance. In the past, we’ve seen Miss Travel come under fire for enabling women to get men to fund their globetrotting plans in exchange for letting them accompany them. Just in time for Valentine’s day, the UK’s is now connecting potential partners who don’t necessarily have the time to commit to an everyday relationship.

The fast pace of modern life and the pressure achieve on an individual basis means that many people don’t have time to invest in making a relationship successful and long-lasting. Blogger and journalist Helen Croydon — the creator of the site who also recently published her book Screw The Fairytale: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Sex and Love — believes that the everyday commitment of institutions such as marriage are no longer necessary for today’s go-getting workers. As such, aims to help “singles looking for regular partners with mutual attraction, genuine friendship, respect and a magical spark but whom have no expectations of moving in after three months and value their free time and independence”, according to the site. Members can sign up and browse for free, but have to pay GBP 20 a month to connect with others.

Are there other unconventional relationships — romantic or otherwise — that can be catered for by dating sites?



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