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Dating service matches cash-strapped travelers with those willing to accompany and pay

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Miss Travel is offering a platform which matches beauty and wealth —enabling "attractive" people to meet potential partners who are willing to foot the bill for their traveling requirements.

We have already seen Shoe Dating on our virtual pages — a service matching women to potential partners who share their taste in shoes and are willing to pay part of the bill for the footwear. Taking this concept to the extreme, Miss Travel is offering a service enabling “attractive” people to get their travel dreams paid for by moneyed users who will accompany them on their trip. With the slogan ‘Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!’, the site pairs up men with money and women with looks as a new twist on online dating. Founded by Brandon Wade, who has previously launched and, Miss Travel acts as a platform for “generous” travel-lovers who are looking for company on their trips and who are willing to donate their frequent flyer points to enable those less wealthy to join them. Users of either gender can sign up as an Attractive Traveler or Generous Traveler — although the site generally assumes that women will make up the former and men the latter. Attractive Travelers can use all of the site’s features for free, while Generous Travelers must pay when they want to communicate with another user. Daters can fill out their information on their profiles, as well as details about their traveling plans or wishes. The concept invites users to chat about destinations as a conversation starter, before they decide on a trip together. While the focus is on romantic relationships, the site can also be used by those looking for friendly company. The video below explains the service: The company are keen to stress that this service is not for escorts, and is trying to position itself as a genuine dating/friendship service. The service is sure to be controversial despite this, and is there room for yet another dating site?



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