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Nothing seems to inspire innovators more than online dating. Adding to the plethora of new dating concepts, South-African yesnomayB is the world’s first dating site relying on collaborative filtering. The site makes recommendations to members on other members they might fancy. This is how it works: as a user, you look at pictures of other members, and select yes, no, or mayB. Your favourites are put into your own private ‘blackbook’, while yesnomayB then secretly puts your picture in front of those people, to see if they like you too. If they do, the site will let you know, and contact may be made. yesnomayB signed up 6000 members in its first three months in South Africa alone, and is live in other English speaking countries. A nice mix of ‘hot or not’, twinsumerism, social networking and some other 2.0 trends, this one feels ready to run with for entrepreneurs and big brands alike. yesnomayB is looking for partners, and the site is set up as a white label, tool.



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